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Saltwater Canvas Portable Beach Cabanas
for beautiful sun and wind protection
last for a generation
since 1991
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"A Saltwater Canvas cabana evokes the feeling of a different time and place - a Newport beach in the 1920s or a seaside resort on the Riviera. The beach shelter is an umbrella, a beach hut, and a wind and sun screen all in one - and it's stylish to boot. Set-up takes 10 seconds . . . The cabana isn't cheap, but neither is a swank summer cottage". - Marie C. Franklin, The Boston Globe Hot Lines, 1992
The best portable beach cabana you will ever buy. Our portable beach cabanas give sun and wind protection for a generation. Our Weatherproof Sunbrella fabric, an acrylic canvas, can sit outside for 5 years straight, without fading. The same material that boat tops and awnings are made of, it is strong, wind resistant, and blocks 98 percent of the sun's rays. If you look at the photos above, you can see how shady the inside areas are. The matching screen windows are made of a vinyl coated polyester weave that you may have seen used on outdoor lawn chairs. We add these screens to let air filter in and out, for a more stable setup in the wind, and the cabana stays nice and cool inside, and you can see outside too.
When we used our little cotton cabana, back in the 50s, occasionally the wind would pick it up and blow it away. I have vivid pictures of my father chasing it down the beach. I think we overcompensated by adding pockets - 3 large pleated pockets, on the front corners and center back, where you can put rocks or sand to weigh it down. Children love to do this. We've added grommets so you can shake the last grains of sand out at the end of the day, or hose it down and let the water drain out.
The cabanas are built on an aluminum frame, which we cut, bend, and pattern here. We sew all our cabana coverings here also, using sail maker's dacron thread. Please allow 30 days for completion.
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