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Designers of Beach Cabanas since 1991
large beach cabana
Large Beach Cabana
This was our second cabana design. 84" wide x 54" tall. Great for 3 - 5 people, or a couple of cots. They can hold 3 cots, but it is a little crowded. This cabana fits in most minivans and SUVs with a little planning. It is built on a 7/8" inch marine grade aluminum frame. To set it up, lay it on the sand, lift up the top to open the cabana, and swing each side arm up, and fasten to the front with an attached clevis pin. Fill up the outer pockets with sand or rocks, put your blanket down and enjoy the shade. You can fill the back pocket with magazines, wallet, or book. You can also put beverages into the pockets at the front corner of the cabana. There are 4 large screened windows in the middle triangle area, and at each back corner, which allow for good ventilation. When you shift the cabana to move with the sun, remove the rocks from the pockets or support the pockets as you move it.
Children will never get lost, with their colorful cabana standing guard. The cabana will become part of going to the beach - it is a safe place to rest, to nap, to read, or to play quiet games, or to nurse a new baby.
The cabana will last for generation with care.
Large Beach Cabana $775. Cabanas must be ordered 6 weeks in advance. Please email to order your cabana. We make each one individually. We encourage people to pick them up at our satellite location at 43 Bradford Street, West Concord, MA.
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