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Designers of Mesh Beach & Shower Bags & Beach Cabanas since 1991
b e a c h  c a b a n a  t e s t i m o n i a l s
"They're chunky, they're clunky. They're handmade in Massachusetts and far sturdier - and more comfortable - than the high-tech items in your nearest catalog. They're also, in the words of Helen Langone, their maker, a testament to an enduring love.
'The cabana was part of the wonderful times we had on Popponesset Beach on Cape Cod when I was growing up, and 30 years later it always came to the beach with my husband and me and our two young sons.' "
Yankee Magazine
"A Day At the Beach, out of the sun. You and your family want to spend a day at the beach bur are concerned about the sun and your skin. Or perhaps you'll want to take a nap, nurse a baby, play a game of cards or read a newspaper. Why not consider a beach cabana that weighs about 8 pounds, sets up in seconds, and fits in a car trunk?" Shop Talk, The Boston Globe, 1992
"A Saltwater Canvas cabana evokes the feeling of a different time and place - a Newport beach in the 1920s or a seaside resort on the Riviera. The beach shelter is an umbrella, a beach hut, and a wind and sun screen all in one - and it's stylish to boot. Set-up takes 10 seconds . . . The cabana isn't cheap, but neither is a swank summer cottage". - Marie C. Franklin, The Boston Globe Hot Lines, 1992
"SUMMER WINDS: When modesty prevailed and lives were more permanent than a hastily thrown beach blanket, cabanas were a familiar sight on the beaches of Europe and America. Now times seem to call for them again, for those who have a love affair with the sand and sea, but not so much for the increasingly unfiltered sun. Saltwater Canvas has reinvented the cabana to give shade and shelter; the canvas in yummy colors provides ventilation yet protects from strong winds and blowing sands..." Joyce MacRae, Beverly Hills 213
"Sun Shelter. For beachlovers who are concerned about getting too much sun or are bothered by seaside breezes, Saltwater Canvas of Newton, Massachusetts, is selling a portable cabana that ... can be assembled in less than 10 seconds..." Newsweek International, 1994
"Big enough for adults, the Saltwater Canvas Cabana is simply awesome for kids and their sand toys. Resembling the top of an old fashioned baby carriage, the ... 3 sided cabana includes 3 roomy pockets to hold books, sun glasses, juice boxes, etc. ... The bright colors make it easy to spot when you're returning from a swim."  LA Parent Magazine, June 1994
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